Here is the schedule for the 2013 Book Expo; the new 2014 website is coming soon!

Book Expo schedule overview (PDF)

Book Expo full program (PDF)

Be sure to visit the expo hall 11am-5pm, where there will be several interactive events, including Poems While You Wait (11am-2pm) and Story-O-Matic at the 826Chicago table. And in between programs in Chaplin Hall, Essanay Centers will be projecting films that relate to this historic venue.

All events are free and open to the public.


A Million Years Old in Internet Time: The Enduring Legend of Bookslut [Room 259]

When Jessa Crispin began in 2002, there were few voices on the Internet, and fewer critics blogging about books. Over the next decade, as the site expanded to an acclaimed book review publication that’s read across the world, the world of online criticism grew alongside. Today, there are many sites dedicated to books, and hundreds of thousands of book aficionados reading—and often commenting themselves. But has this influx of voices benefitted readers or made it more difficult for them to know whom to trust? Join Bookslut’s founder and editor-in-chief, Jessa Crispin, and managing editor, Charles Blackstone, as they discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of blogging and the Internet and all things book criticism.


A Curbside Splendor Showcase! [Chaplin Hall]

Chicago publisher Curbside Splendor presents some of its authors, including Megan Stielstra, Marvin Tate, Ben Tanzer, Daniela Olszewska, and Bill Hillmann.

The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie [Room 236]

Paula Haney shares her pie-baking wisdom in The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie; she discusses the difficulties of making great pie and building a business in Chicago and now Evanston.

The History of Chicago Theater [Room 238]

Chicago Tribune theater critic Chris Jones (Bigger, Brighter, Louder: 150 Years of Chicago Theater as Seen by “Chicago Tribune” Critics), discusses the history of Chicago’s theatrical world with Northwestern professor Harvey Young (Black Theater Is Black Life), the author of a new book about Chicago’s black theater and dance.

Saturnario/Saturnalia [Bilingual; Room 247]

Rey Andújar and Kolin Jordan strive to go beyond the written word and bring the text to life. In Saturnario/Saturnalia Andújar gives us a window into his writing process through dance influenced by butoh, merengue, tap, and others. His performance is interspersed with Jordan´s reading of text in its original Spanish and in translation.

Smart Self-Publishing [Room 256]

Smart authors educate themselves before entering the world of self-publishing. Understanding the many steps of the process will make your self-publishing journey easier and increase your book’s chances of success. In this session with self-publishing consultant Kim Bookless (, you’ll learn the issues you’ll face, decisions you’ll make, and steps you’ll take to self-publish, including editing, design, digital vs. print, marketing, and more.


The Art of Friction: Where Autobiographical Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Come Together [Room 259]

Charles Blackstone’s first novel, The Week You Weren’t Here, followed an English major looking for love and meaning during his final weeks at UIC. Blackstone was also an English major at UIC while he wrote the first draft. Ten years after that book’s publication comes Blackstone’s second novel (Vintage Attraction) about a recovering English major and adjunct professor who meets a celebrity sommelier and falls into love and wine at the same time after discovering her popular TV show. It’s no small coincidence that Blackstone is married to Master Sommelier Alpana Singh, former host of PBS’s hit Check, Please! and current Food Network regular and Chicago-area restaurateur. Join Blackstone as he reads from his new novel and discusses its hybrid creative nonfiction-and-autobiographical fiction genre he’s dubbed “friction” with Bookslut’s editor-in-chief, Jessa Crispin.


Malabarismos del tedio,” Marco Escalante [Spanish only; Room 247]

Marco Antonio Escalante nació en Perú en 1968. Forma parte del consejo editorial de la revista Contratiempo y escribe reseñas de películas y ensayos literarios para la dicha publicación. Su libro más reciente titulado Malabarismos del tedio fue publicado por 7Vientos en noviembre.


Samantha Irby [Chaplin Hall]

Chicago writer and performer Samantha Irby, creator of the blog, presents provocative essays from her new collection, Meaty.


Larry O. Dean and Davis Schneiderman [Room 236]

Poet and critically-acclaimed songwriter Larry O. Dean reads from his poetry collection Brief Nudity, while Davis Schneiderman discusses his DEAD/BOOKS trilogy, which includes the blank novel Blank and his new book [SIC].

Chicago By Day and Night: The 1893 World’s Fair [Room 238]

Join historian Paul Durica and Northwestern Professor Bill Savage as they bring the Chicago of the 1893 World’s Fair to life. Chicago by Day and Night: The Pleasure Seeker’s Guide to the Paris of America was a guide book first issued in 1892 and newly republished, revealing insights about Chicago more than a century ago.

Strength in Letters: Harnessing the Power of Publishing Associations [Room 256]

CWIP. IWOC. MPA. MWA. CWA. Who are they and what can they do for you? Meet Chicago’s top writing and publishing organizations and learn what benefits they offer to the vibrant local publishing community.

A Writer’s Dilemma: Writing About Family Members [Room 259]

Samuel Park, Columbia College professor and author of the critically acclaimed 2011 novel This Burns My Heart, talks about his experience writing a novel based on his mother’s life. This Burns My Heart was chosen as one of the Today Show’s Favorite Things and a Best Book of the Year by Amazon, Kirkus Reviews, Bookpage, and


Contratiempo Presents: Marcopolo Soto, Santiago Weksler, Gerardo Cardenas, Jochy Herrera [Spanish only, with bilingual Q&A; Room 247]

contratiempo destaca el vasto y variado talento literario de la población latina en Chicago y presenta en esta ocasión cuatro colaboradores locales de la revista contratiempo: Gerardo Cárdenas, escritor y periodista nacido en D.F., Jochy Herrera, escritor dominicano que comparte su quehacer cultural con el ejercicio de la Cardiología, Marcopolo Soto, escritor y actor mexicano, y Santiago Weksler, fotógrafo y poeta peruano. Los autores leerán de su último trabajo publicado, que abarca los géneros de cuento, ensayo, novela y poesía. A la lectura le sigue un panel de preguntas y respuestas donde compartirán su experiencia literaria en Chicago.


Pathways to Publication: Authors Tell Their Stories [Chaplin Hall]

There are more publishing options out there than ever–big and small presses, self- and hybrid-publishing, and emerging crowdfunding methods such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. So what’s the best choice for you? Traditional and self-published authors explain and give their perspectives on the pros and cons of the various avenues to publication available in the new publishing frontier. Panel will include James Finn Garner (Honk Honk, My Darling), Nancy Hightower (Elementari Rising), Samantha Hoffman (What More Could You Wish For), Renee James (Coming Out Can Be Murder), and Valya Dudycz Lupescu (Sticks and Bones), and will be moderated by Chicago Writers Association president Randy Richardson (Cheeseland).

Rahm Emanuel: The 1% Mayor [Room 236]

Kari Lydersen (Mayor 1%: Rahm Emanuel and the Rise of Chicago’s 99%) discusses the city’s controversial mayor with political writer Ted McClelland (Young Mr. Obama).

Hollywood on Lake Michigan [Room 238]

A companion to his coauthored book, Hollywood On Lake Michigan, 2nd Edition, Michael Corcoran’s talk starts with a brief overview of Chicago’s pivotal pioneering role in the early history of film (when one out of every five films was made here), and then includes stories about and locations of famous Chicago films, descriptions of some great yet unknown Chicago films, and profiles of some of the movie people he interviewed for the book. He combines these fascinating tidbits with hilarious stories about the saga of his efforts to update Arnie Bernstein’s beloved Chicago classic.

When the Side Project Becomes Your Main Gig [Room 256]

Martha Bayne (Soup & Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time) and Dmitry Samarov (Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab and WHERE TO? A Hack Memoir) talk about the unlikely paths they took to getting books published and making peace with being best known for what one is second best at.

Barrie Jean Borich and David Lazar [Room 259]

DePaul professor Barrie Jean Borich (Body Geographic and My Lesbian Husband) and Columbia College professor David Lazar (Occasional Desire: Essays), the founding editor of Hotel Amerika, discuss their books.


Aleksandar Hemon: The Book of My Lives [Chaplin Hall]

Uptown-area author Aleksandar Hemon is one of the leading writers in America. He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2003 and a “genius grant” from the MacArthur Foundation in 2004, and has been a finalist for the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award and the winner of the PEN/W.G. Sebald Award. His latest work, The Book of My Lives, is a memoir about growing up in Bosnia and starting a new life in Chicago.

Swastika Nation: Fritz Kuhn and the Rise and Fall of the German American Bund [Room 236]

Arnie Bernstein discusses his latest book Swastika Nation, the true story of 1930s American Nazis brought to an inglorious end by a wild and disparate confederacy of politicians, journalists, mobsters, and others. Moderated by Paula Kamen (

RaceMan Answers: America’s Toughest Questions on Race, Inequality & More [Room 238]

Lowell Thompson, artist, writer (African Americans in Chicago), and “recovering adman,” uses his ad savvy to solve our nation’s two perennial problems, racism and white-on-white exploitation in his new book RaceMan Answers.

Febronio Zatarain & Raúl Dorantes [Spanish only; Room 247]

Raúl Dorantes leerá fragmentos de su nuevo libro De zorros y erizos. Febronio Zatarain leerá fragmentos de sus escrituras.

Pop-Up Memoir Writing [Room 256]

In this pop-up book venue, Jane Hertenstein (, author of numerous flashes, will guide participants through a lively workshop of isolating a memory (your first apartment! the one who got away!) and helping you to shape your own mini-memoir.

Genrecide: How to Destroy Genre Conventions and Create Something Completely New [Room 259]

Holly McDowell (author of the digital, interactive, serialized thriller King Solomon’s Wives) and Christa Desir (author of the young adult novel Fault Line) talk about pushing boundaries and goi ng outside lines of traditional genres, formats, and even publishing.


Chicago Poetry Press Presents: The JOMP 16 Book Release Event [Chaplin Hall]

Contributors to Journal of Modern Poetry, Volume 16 read their selected work for an exciting hour crammed with poetry. Featured presenters include Anne Grizzle, Carol Muehleman, Charu Gandhi, Cordell Miles, Curtis Vevang, David Nekimken, Jamie Perry, John J. Gordon, Judith MK Tepfer, Linda Leedy Schneider, Marcia Pradzinski, Margaret Dubay Mikus, Sharon Warner, Sheila A. Donovan, Tobin Fraley, Trudy Leong, and more. Hosted by CJ Laity.

After the Book Expo, starting at 5pm, there will be an informal afterparty in the back room at Fat Cat, 4840 N. Broadway.