Following is the exhibitor list for the 2013 Book Expo.


7Vientos 7Vientos’ mission: Promote diversity of thought through translating and publishing works by forgotten and underrepresented authors in Latin America. And the Hippies Came (Flip): Seminal in development of McOndismo movement; Saturnalia (Flip): Short stories of melancholy and dislocation; Malabarismos del tedio (Spanish): A tribute to literature through short essays.

Adams Press Since 1942 Adams Press has produced print and electronic books for for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, professional associations, and small presses as well as for independent authors. We provide editing, design, typesetting, ebook conversions, registrations, printing, binding, and shipping for print runs from 100 to 10,000 copies.

Agate Publishing Founded in Chicago in 2003, Agate Publishing has five unique imprints: B2 Books (business); Bolden Books (African-American fiction/nonfiction); Surrey Books (food, nutrition, and entertaining); Midway Books (Midwest and Chicago); and Agate Digital (stand-alone ebooks). Agate authors have won the James Beard, Pulitzer, and National Book Award prizes. In 2012, Agate was recognized as the fastest-growing independent publisher in America by Publishers Weekly.

Allium Press was founded in 2009 as a small, independent press to publish literary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and young adult fiction, all with a Chicago connection. The Press released its tenth book in June 2013, Bright and Yellow, Hard and Cold by Tim Chapman, a thriller partly set in the 1930s.

&NOW Books

Appoet publishes mobile applications for literature, art, and music.  They will be releasing Infused the GPS-enabled arts and literature magazine this spring and will be collecting submissions at the Chicago Book Expo. Each piece of submitted work is geocached as a broadcast hotspot in the real world on a Google Map.

Arrow as Aarow is a poetry press edited by Michael Slosek and Luke Daly. We do small runs of handmade books that look to explore the process of bookmaking as creative collaboration: with one another and with the materials of the work that we publish. We began as a chapbook series edited for House Press, a writing and arts collective formed in the early 2000s. We generally publish emerging writers whose work we are excited about.

Arsenic Lobster Misty Publications is the publisher of Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal and other fine books of poetry and poetry hybrids. The authors of the other fine books are contributors to the Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal and are solicited by the editor.

Bar None Group The Costalegre region of Mexico is home to many talented ex-pat individuals. Knowing that art which is not shared withers away and dies, the idea was born for the Bar None Group. Formed in 2010 to highlight the creativity of these writers, poets, and artists, Chicago writers Mark Butkus and Teresa Puente have published two anthologies of English writing under the Bar None banner.

Bookslut, founded in 2002 by Jessa Crispin, is dedicated to those who love to read. We provide a constant supply of news, reviews, commentary, insight, and more-than-occasional opinions.

Burial Day Books is a boutique publisher of supernatural horror.

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is a full-service organization that not only produces original books, but also a monthly magazine, a semi-weekly podcast, a dozen live events a year, classes and workshops, 200 book reviews at our blog annually, and much more.

Chicago Poetry Press The Chicago Poetry Press table presents the release of Journal of Modern Poetry Volume 16, with book signings by Jennifer Dotson, author of Clever Gretel, and Donna Pecore, author of Bindle StickShow special: Take advantage of a special Book Expo half-price sale on most titles.

Contratiempo Celebrating its 10th year this December 6 at the National Museum of Mexican Arts in Pilsen, the community where contratiempo is based, the organization is a 501(c)3 tax exempt literary and publishing center whose mission is to preserve and highlight the cultural identity and contributions of the Spanish-speaking Latino population of the United States.

Convulsive Editions is a micro-press that publishes affordable, well-designed chapbooks, broadsides, and French folds featuring lyrical writing that quakes and rattles. Recent and forthcoming publications include poetry by James Shea, Tanya Larkin, Larry Sawyer, Catherine Theis, Genevieve Kaplan, Chad Chmielowicz, Michael Anichini, Jennifer Karmin, and Bernadette Mayer.

Curbside Splendor is a Chicago-based publisher of urban fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and art.

Dream of Things is an independent press and online book store focused on memoirs, anthologies of creative nonfiction, and other books that align with our goal to publish “distinctive voices, meaningful books.”  Show special: Holiday gift books for only $5 eachAuthor Mike O’Mary will be available all day to sign copies. Sign up for our e-mail list and be eligible to win a complete set of recent books from Dream of Things – 8 books total!

Dreamers Tapestry, Inc. is a publishing company that brings women’s creative works and issues into public view for the enjoyment and benefit of all. Our mission statement is: “Motivating you to take control of your life and inspiring you to pursue your dreams.”

Fifth Star Press is a nonprofit publisher with national distribution and a regional emphasis, featuring trade fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Upcoming tiles include The City’s Maw: A Henry Blake Fuller Reader, edited by Paul Durica, and the novel O, Democracy! by Kathleen Rooney.

First Fruits

Ginger Piglet is a small magazine of small, voicy, piglet-sized pieces from poetry to prose and miniature things in between. We were thunk up at a petting farm in England, manifested in Minnesota and reside here. Our next issue, which has been delayed due to computer problems, will be a Chicago issue.

Haymarket Books  is a nonprofit, progressive book distributor and publisher, a project of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change.

Kenning Editions is an independent literary publisher focusing on contemporary and archival work in the radical modernist tradition. Author signing: Patrick Durgin, author of PQRS, will be on hand to sign copies of the book from 4:00 PM to close.

Lake Claremont Press Founded in 1994 by Sharon Woodhouse, Lake Claremont Press celebrates the power and character of place for our particular corner of the globe, Chicago and greater Chicagoland. Our nonfiction histories and guidebooks foster and reveal Chicago’s special identity by exploring the city’s history, culture, geography, built environment, people, and lore.

Lake Street Press, a local micropublisher, is proud to present Joseph Malham’s new biography, John Ford: Poet in the Desert, at the Chicago Book Expo.  The Lake Street booth will be featuring in-house titles as well as select works from Wicker Park Press. Author signing: Author Joseph Malham will be signing his book from 1pm-3pm.

Little Dipper Ink is a one-lady press that has published ten titles in the past year. ginamarie lobianco started Little Dipper Ink because she wanted to begin publishing her series of twenty+ novels, and in the process she discovered that she loves helping other authors by publishing their work.

Meekling Press is a very small press specializing in small, hand-made editions of books by authors we adore. We work in collaboration with our authors throughout the design and production process, much more closely than a traditional press would do. We are not so interested in boundaries of genre, or in restrictions of length. We are as interested in publishing a single sentence as something like a novel. What is more important is to find that sentence or that novel (etc) its most wonderful, thoughtfully-created nest.

Northwestern University Press publishes the finest fiction, poetry, and critical work.

Poems While You Wait (11am-2pm) is a collective of poets and their typewriters who write commissioned poetry on demand. The process is simple: give them your name,  the topic that you would like a poem about (ranging from specific to abstract with as much information or as little as you’d like), and 15-20 minutes while you wander around. Upon your return you will have a custom-made poem to keep for yourself or to give as a gift.

Quad Cities’ Press Connie (aka “Constance”) Corcoran Wilson taught writing classes at 6 IA/IL universities, wrote for 5 newspapers & 11 blogs, and has published 12 books since 2003. Content Producer of the Year for Yahoo and IWPA Silver Feather Winner (2012), her captivating illustrated Christmas Cats series for children aged 3-10 will be highlighted. Show special: Book #1 of the Christmas Cats series will be given to those who purchase Book #2 free of charge, while supplies last.

Red Anemone Books is an independent Chicago publisher specializing in contemporary fiction, science fiction, and nonfiction. Owned and operated by writers, Red Anemone’s aim is to offer quality books that venture outside of the ordinary.

Rose Metal Press Founded in 2006, Rose Metal Press is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit publisher of books in hybrid genres, including short short stories, prose poetry, flash nonfiction, novels-in-verse, book-length linked narrative poems, image and text collaborations and other literary works that move beyond the traditional genres of poetry, fiction, and essay to find new forms of expression.

Saloon Poetry

SOILED Magazine

Spolia is a monthly magazine dedicated to the strange and to the wise.

Switchback Books is a nonprofit feminist press publishing and promoting collections of poetry by women, including transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, and female-identified individuals. We aim to educate the public about poetry by women, gender issues in poetry, and methods for poetry writing, with the goal of advancing groundbreaking poetry by women.

This Might Hurt Isabella Rotman is a cartoonist and printmaker from Maine living and drawing in Chicago. Her art is usually about the ocean, mermaids, crushing loneliness, people in the woods, or sex. If any of the above interest you then you may enjoy her self-published comics. Recent titles include You’re So Sexy When You Aren’t Transmitting STD’sAnimal SexDIG, and I Have No Friends. Isabella’s comics are available at Quimby’s, Chicago Comics, Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities, on her etsy store and by e-mail request.

Tortoise Books Slow and steady wins in the end, but the book industry often focuses on the fast-seller. Tortoise Books is dedicated to finding and promoting quality authors who haven’t yet found a niche in that marketplace—writers producing memorable and engaging works that will stand the test of time.

Tree Light Books, a handmade chapbook press based in Chicago, was founded in 2011. Poetry published with Tree Light has been reprinted in the Pushcart Prize anthology. Tree Light has published the following chapbooks: Susan Slaviero’s Selections from the Murder Book, Rachel Levy’s Necessary Objects, and Tony Mancus’s Bye Sea.

University of Chicago Press has been publishing books and journals for discriminating readers since its founding in 1891. Show special and author signing: Visit our booth for 20% off our books and meet Chris Jones, author of Bigger, Brighter, Louder: 150 Years of Chicago Theater as seen by Chicago Tribune Critics, at 12:30 p.m.

Weighed Words Solace in So Many Words is an award-winning anthology of short stories, essays, and poetry.  Fifty-two writers, including T. C. Boyle, Philip Levine, Ellen Bass and Joe Meno, contribute to this compelling literary collection on solace and consolation, something we all need and crave.  Makes a great gift.

Wicker Park Press


Toni Apicelli A Sixties Story describes the author’s journey from high-school cheerleader to the sixties counterculture movement. She writes about the forces that influenced and changed her world during those tumultuous years filled with idealism, activism, assassination, riots, sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and peace, love, and good vibes.

Martha Bayne is a writer and editor whose work has been featured in the Chicago TribuneTime Out ChicagoThe BafflerThe RumpusBookforum, and the Chicago Reader. Founder of the Soup & Bread series of hunger-relief fundraisers based at Chicago’s Hideout bar and music club, she is author of the Soup & Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time (Agate Publishing, 2011) and was the recipient of a 2012 Time Out Chicago “Eat Out” award for “Most Palatable Evangelism.” Currently, she serves as associate managing editor of Plate, a magazine for professional chefs, is a company member with Chicago’s Theater Oobleck, and tends bar at the Hideout on Wednesday afternoons.

J. Eric Booker is a brand-new author who has written and published three indie books that can be purchased on nearly all of the major book websites—available as a beautiful 6×9 paperback for $14.99 or as an e-book for $.99. The first book he wrote is a Chicagoland-based whodunnit mystery-horror called The Making, while his other two are a part of an Epic Fantasy Trilogy, in which the first is entitled The Swords of the Sultan and the second is The Reign of the Sultan.

Shari Brady is the award-winning author of Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye, a novel about one family’s struggle to cope after losing a family member to addiction. Through sixteen-year-old Carmella’s eyes, we witness the courage and strength it takes to overcome the consequences of grief, guilt and co-dependency.

Susan Brauer is founder and president of the publishing company, Dreamers Tapestry, Inc. Her published autobiography Just Keep Dancing is a tapestry of abuse and triumph and an in-depth portrait of courage, self-help, and success that can inspire anyone. She is also a columnist for the Womens Linked Local Network.

Greg Borzo, an award-winning journalist, has written several books about Chicago, bicycling, transportation, and history. To share his passion for these subjects, he gives talks and tours for various organizations, including the Chicago History Museum, Chicago Cycling Club and Forgotten Chicago. He lives in the South Loop to better enjoy all the art & architecture, culture & history, biking & “L” and writing & reading opportunities that Chicago offers.

Dennis Byrne Experience the nation’s most ill-conceived and poorly executed war through the eyes of ordinary Americans in this fast-paced historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812 by Dennis Byrne. While perhaps the least-remembered war, it may be the most consequential, because a loss would have doomed the America we know today. Show special: Dennis Byrne will be signing his book and manning his table for the entire length of the expo, and will offer the book at a discount.

Jessica Cage is a paranormal author from Chicago. Through her High Arc series, she hopes to empower young women and give them real characters to connect to (even though they are vampires). Her goal is to show young women that you don’t just come into power, we are not born warriors, that is something you have to work for. Jessica chose to follow her dream to be a writer not only to reach out to young readers but also to inspire her own son. If she can chase down her dreams, so can he.

E.C. Diskin Abby Donovan is a Chicago attorney, driven and focused. When a single misstep late one night takes her into a new and dangerous world, she’s compelled to investigate, despite the risks. But she must hurry. Someone is watching. Someone ready to destroy her carefully constructed life.

Karen Doornebos is the author of Undressing Mr. Darcy, to be published by Berkley, Penguin in December 2013. Her first novel, Definitely Not Mr. Darcy, has been published in three countries and garnered a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. Doornebos lives near Chicago. Join her on Twitter and Facebook.

Mary Driver-Thiel has had short stories published in a variety of online and print literary magazines. The World Undonea story of three women, one secret, and the power of family ties, is her first novel. She is currently working on the sequel.

Dianne Gallagher Life is never a straight line. For over a decade, Dianne Gallagher edited, critiqued, and ghosted a variety of fiction and nonfiction pieces. As projects she worked on were placed with notable agencies, Dianne decided to start writing for herself. The result is her Chicago thriller, Too Dark to SleepShow special: She will be giving away one signed paperback of her Chicago noir thriller, Too Dark to Sleep, every hour during the Chicago Book Expo.

Kellee Gilmore is the author of the paranormal romance novel, Mahogany Sin, book one of the Valerie Chambers Series. Mahogany Sin has been described as a paranormal thrill ride by Windy City Reviews. This sultry and electrifying novel will keep you guessing until the very end. Show special: Participants can pay $1 for a raffle ticket to win a signed copy of her novel, Mahogany Sin.

Garrett Glass is the author of Jehoshua: Signs and Wonders, an historical fiction book covering the first 25 years of early Christianity.  The second book in the series, Jehoshua: Conflagration, will be released in a few months.  Garrett’s third book, Who Cut God’s Hair?, was published this October.

M.L. Hardy

Darryl Harvey

Blake Hausladen Armed with an English degree from Ripon College and an MBA from Chicago’s Stuart School of Business, Blake has enjoyed a sixteen-year career in the shadowed back-office realms of the financial industry. He currently works in Chicago and writes in his free time.

Bree Housley We Hope You Like This Song: An Overly Honest Story About Friendship, Death, and Mix Tapes is a memoir that chronicles Bree Housley’s attempt to memorialize the girl who stuck by her through bang perms and braces…and changed her life forever. Finalist for CWA’s Book of the Year award.

Yorli Huff “The Veil Of Victory” tells the story of Yorli’s amazing journey and triumph over child sexual, spousal abuse, spousal suicide and severe work discrimination. “Superhero Huff” is a comic book series that is about a strong young black female undercover police officer who has special powers from birth.

Toneal Jackson

Donnie Light

Marc Livingston

Amy Joy Lutchen Renhala, an urban fantasy set in Chicago, is about a young woman’s journey through humility, a transformation of self, and ultimately empowerment. Besides mastering a new weapon and dealing with her beloved mother’s declining health, she will learn that monsters are not always wrapped in ugly packages.

Bob McCray is a community college journalism teacher and writer who lives with his wife in Evanston, Illinois.  He has published hundreds of articles, short stories, and essays in local, national, and regional publications, including Outdoor Life, Ski, Runner’s World, and Mother Earth News. He and his wife are avid runners, skiers, and kayakers, and are dedicated Argentine Tango dancers.

Erin Goseer Mitchell  Born Colored is about generations of a family living in the deep South prior to the start of the Civil Rights Movement. Bloody Sunday (March 7, 1965) was the day that 200 troopers beat 500 peaceful marchers with billy clubs, whips, and tear gas as they attempted to walk from Selma to Montgomery. Mitchell’s book captures this “boiling over” which she sees as the result of years and years of emotional and physical injuries. By simply telling the truth, she captures the tyranny upon which the Movement was built.

Victoria Noe is the author of the award-winning Friend Grief series. The first three books, on anger, AIDS and 9/11, tell the stories of people who struggled with grief, but (like the author) changed their lives to honor their friends.

Jim Proebstle is the author of Fatal Incident, a WW II historical fiction story of conspiracy, espionage and human emotions based on a true story of an unresolved military air disaster in Alaska, and In the Absence of Honor, a story of Native American corruption in casinos where conspiracy, power, greed, and love are center stage.

Rit Rathi The main concept of this book is to demonstrate the facts about non-immigrants as students, who come here with a real purpose of getting higher education. United States is the land of opportunity. Young people, especially students, want to come to the United States. With what they go through to come here, do they really succeed and fulfill their dreams or do they end up somewhere else facing real challenges of life?

Roger Rueff Discovering the Soul of Your Story sheds a bright new light on how to create and develop stories of any genre, type, form, or medium. Its principles, insights, and practical step-by-step methods help the storyteller to generate and groom stories that are fresh, alive, meaningful, and moving.

Dmitry Samarov is a painter and writer in Chicago. He is the author of Hack: Stories from a Chicago Cab (University of Chicago Press, 2011) and the forthcoming WHERE TO? A Hack Memoir (Curbside Splendor, 2014). He no longer drives a cab.

Jaymie Simmon, author of The God Gene

Gerry and Janet Souter have been full-time author/historians since 1997. The Constitution is their 54th traditionally published book. Their platforms include US history, military history, fine arts, biography, memoir, and young adult.

Candace George Thompson The perfect holiday present: Gold Medal-awarded Still Having Fun, a Portrait of the Military Marriage of Rex and Bettie George, 1941–2007 by Air Force brat Candace George Thompson is a romance, a history lesson, an ode to military spouses, and an entertaining read with a few guaranteed tears.

Susan Vondrak

Dominique Wilkins is a married mother of five children who writes short stories to which everyone can relate to in the urban Christian fiction genre. The stories are meant to encourage her readers and provide them with resources to keep them going and doing better. Enjoy stories about bad parents; jealous neighbors; backstabbing friends; cheating and unconditional love…

Roger Wright Want to start thinking differently about finding work? Already know how to network, interview, and write resumes? Need more? Finding Work When There Are No Jobs prompts your individual search. Using story telling in an entertaining array of topics, questions and five core principles, this book is like a friend on your search.

Barbara Joan Zeitz Unmask the real women linked/to Lady Liberty, Lady Godiva/refrigeration, relativity, a bridge/in  Brooklyn, a bus boycott, the/DNA in you, the cell phone in/your hand, cherry blossoms in DC,/and more in: A Thesaurus of Women From Cherry Blossoms to Cell Phones.

Mark Zubro is the author of twenty-six books set in Chicago. In his mystery novels if you are racist, homophobic, or a school administrator, you are quite likely the corpse. If you are one of those things and you aren’t the corpse, be afraid, be very afraid.

Associations, Nonprofits, Education, and Media

826 Chicago is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

after-words is one of the few independent bookstores left in downtown Chicago. Our 8,000 square feet on two floors house a huge collection of over 55,000 new and used volumes. We feature a wide variety of fiction, literature, poetry, and children’s books.  We also carry art and photography books, cookbooks, local books, history books, health and healing and new age/occult books – among many other categories.

AuthorsBroadCast.com strives to give a voice to indie writers and publishers through video. We produce and display book video trailers designed to get potential readers emotionally involved in the title being presented. We also produce “Authors Showcase,” a 30-minute TV show introducing new books and authors seen weekly (Thursdays at 8PM) on Chicago cable channel 25 (Comcast/RCN) and online at AuthorsBroadCast.com and Youtube.

Chicago Book Review Launched in June 2013, Chicago Book Review highlights Chicago’s local publishers and authors, as well as those books that cover Chicago, Illinois, and the Midwest. Readers will find book reviews, features, news, and events at www.chicagobookreview.com.

Chicago Women in Publishing is a nonprofit volunteer organization formed in 1972 to offer programs, services, and networking opportunities to publishing professionals and those in allied fields. We welcome both women and men, and we strive to be Chicago’s premier source of publishing education, information, leadership, and career opportunities.

Chicago Writers Association is a nonprofit creative community of Chicagoland writers. We span many genres, styles and levels of experience. Our purpose is to share information, experiences, and encouragement with those of us for whom written expression is an integral part of life.

Chicago Writers House Project

CHIRP Radio is a live, local, volunteer-driven community radio station playing a wide array of independent, local, and underappreciated music.

Editorial Freelancers Association is a national, nonprofit professional organization for writers, editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, translators, researchers, indexers and other self-employed workers in the modern publishing and communications industries. The EFA’s services enhance the professional status of its members and make the freelance life more rewarding.

Essanay Centers Essanay Studios is the historic property that serves as home to St. Augustine College. The College has engaged in the restoration and reuse of portions of the historic property including Studio A/The Charlie Chaplin Auditorium and adjacent spaces, the iconic terra cotta entrance to 1345 West Argyle Street and the grounds. The restoration and renovated space will serve as the home to the Essanay Centers for Film and Cultural Performance. The Centers will use the space for film, theater, dance and other cultural activities, educational use, and private events.

Guild Complex is a cross-cultural literary presenting organization. We’ve been invigorating Chicago’s lit scene since 1989, and currently produce 30+ events a year, including readings, contests, new theatrical productions, bilingual programs, and celebratory events like Brooksday and TONIC. Join the party at www.guildcomplex.org.

Illinois Women’s Press Association is a dynamic organization of professional women and men pursuing careers across the communications spectrum including electronic, broadcast and print journalism, authors and freelance professionals. Founded in 1885, IWPA continues to embrace the history of women communicators in Illinois and was responsible for forming the coalition founding the National Federation of Press Women. Author signings: 11-1: Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas, Mary Wagner, Jan Clark Johnston; 1-3: Rachel Madorsky; 3-5: George Scherber

Independent Writers of Chicago is a professional organization of experienced writers and editors who serve clients worldwide in a wide array of business, professional, technical, journalistic, and creative areas. Founded more than 30 years ago, IWOC meets monthly and publishes a newsletter and a detailed member directory.

Midwest Publishing Association promotes excellence in publishing by providing a platform for the educational, social and professional interaction of our members. MPA members work in both traditional and digital publishing, including book, magazine, journal, newspaper, and software publishing, printing, writing, editing, designing, programming, and many of the other business segments of the publishing industry. The MPA accomplishes its mission through a variety of activities and events designed to support the publishing community and its members.

Midwest Writers Association is a networking base for experienced, professional nonfiction writers. Members write for magazines, newspapers, websites and corporate publications, as well as books, trade journals, film, speech writing, and texts. Specialties range from arts and entertainment, family, health, history, home, landscaping, real estate, travel, and sports to medical, technical, and business writing. Author signings: Cyndee Shaffer, Edward Haggard, Susan Kirkpatrick, Barbara Barnett, Karen Bolek, and Cynthia Clampitt

Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies

Off Campus Writers Workshop is the oldest continuously operated workshop of its type in the United States, having brought encouragement to beginning and advanced writers through expert speakers since 1946. We offer weekly workshops, public readings and performances of our literary output, an Editor’s Day, and a Summertime special event. We also have opportunities for publishing, most recently the OCWW Anthology “Overcoming.”  Our mission has been to connect talented writers–students, moonlighters, retirees, and full-time writers–as a supporting and supportive network. We meet every Thurs. 9:30-noon at the Winnetka Community House, 620 Lincoln, Winnetka, IL.

Society of Midland Authors  Author signings: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Christine Sneed, David J. Walker, Allen Salter, Mahmoud Saeed; 1-3 p.m.: Jim Bowman, Gunter Nitsch, Mike Raleigh, Rosina Neginsky; 3-5 p.m.: Sel Yackley, Bill Yarrow, Craig Sautter, George Levy

St. Augustine College Founded in 1980, St. Augustine College is an independent college with four educational centers in the Chicago area. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. We offer excellent academic programs that include a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a wide range of Associate Degrees. Contact us at 773-878-8756 or at www.staugustine.edu.

Theatre Historical Society of America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to documenting the architecture, cultural, and social history of American theatres. THS celebrates the history of America’s theatres through our flagship publication Marquee magazine, as well as an independent press for theatre-related books.